Amazon Introduces Pop-up Stores Selling Tech Products at Select Whole Foods Locations

Foodable Network

Foodable Network

Not only has Amazon slashed prices again at Whole Foods, but has also opened pop-up stores at five Whole Foods store locations that now sell some of Amazon's most popular devices.

This latest move is just in time for the holidays. Clever move, Amazon. 

Amazon is making sure that the Whole Foods customers who visit the pop-up shops get the information they need by having Amazon employees man the area.

Unlike online, it's a lot easier for pop-up customers to test Amazon's products before deciding to make a product purchase.  

Foodable Network

Foodable Network

Roll outs for the mini stores within the grocery chain started November 14 and are already in place in time for Black Friday. Amazon is offering Black Friday deals until November 21, which is the Tuesday after Cyber Monday. 

The pop-up stores are currently in Chicago, Illinois; Rochester Hills, Michigan; Davie, Florida; Pasadena, California; and Denver, Colorado Whole Foods locations.  

But will Amazon expand to more locations in the near future?  

Well, that depends on how much pushback the brand gets from competitors. 

"The supermarket chain has been facing pushback from fellow mall tenants ever since Amazon acquired it. Amazon's rival retailers apparently blocked the placement of Lockers inside the supermarkets and, in at least one case, forced Whole Foods to limit its Echo display to 250 square feet of space," writes "engadget."

Considering that Amazon has now become a massive threat in the big-box space, it's no wonder that competitors are trying to stop the company from infringing on their business any way necessary.

But retailers need to also focus on adapting and making sure they can keep up. 

Foodable Network

Foodable Network

Amazon is making sure they remain the top dog in terms of the digital e-commerce space by offering free shipping on millions of Black Friday deals, deal alerts via the Amazon app, and even by incorporating augmented reality features into the app.

"Customers shopping with the Amazon App can also set Watch a Deal alerts to ensure they never miss out on a hot holiday product, and even use AR view, a new augmented reality feature, to view thousands of items in their space before they buy. Voice Shoppers can shop select Black Friday deals, starting as early as 5pm PT, Wednesday, Nov. 22 – just ask Alexa," according to a press release from Amazon last week. "All Amazon customers can choose from more than one hundred million items that are eligible for free shipping this holiday and all year long. This includes eligible orders of $25 or more shipped by Amazon, as well as free shipping offers from small business and entrepreneurs selling on Amazon."

Do you think the pop-up store will stick? Or should Amazon focus strictly on e-commerce and Amazon prime subscriptions?

 Is a grocery store the right place for electronic devices to be sold? 

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