This Food Delivery Company Rents out Kitchens to Top Restaurants For Free

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This company not only offers a delivery service connecting restaurants and consumers through food in Europe, Australia and parts of Asia, but it goes as far as providing additional kitchen space to those businesses that need it and sign on to the service.

The company is called Deliveroo and, like its largest rival UberEATS, it’s one of the many restaurant delivery apps out there bringing consumers their favorite meal wherever they may find themselves.

But this UK-based logistics company doesn’t stop there.  

The “dark kitchens,” which are made out of shipping containers, are called Deliveroo Editions, according to "CNET." 

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They are available rent free to top restaurants with the intention to help the establishments expand their customer reach through Deliveroo. Think of it like a commercial kitchen, where there are no operational costs that go into a wait staff, furniture for guests to dine-in, etc.

There are currently seven Deliveroo Editions that can be found in parts of London and Brighton.

But, why would this company go as far as setting up its own “dark kitchens” rather than to stick to the front-end side of the delivery business?

Possibly to stand out from the competition and create better relationships with top local restaurants as it invests to expand its own delivery business.

What’s for sure, though, is how attractive this opportunity seems for those restaurants that need the extra boost to grow a consumer base and need the means to expand.

According to "CNET," the company announced in late September an extra $385 million in funding with plans to grow Editions across the UK and abroad after investing in tech for system improvements.

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