This Starbucks Location Now Offers Over 100 Italian Menu Items


In the past, Foodable has reported on how Starbucks Reserve coffees have been making a positive impact on local coffee communities around the world while at the same time helping the company stay competitive with local, independent coffee shops.

Now, the Roastery where all Starbucks Reserve small-batch coffee is created will get a major upgrade with the addition of a bakery.

That’s right!

The Roastery, which opened in Seattle in late 2014 as an homage to coffee, is opening the first Princi bakery in the United States on Tuesday.

“Rocco Princi is an artisan who, at an early age, discovered a love of bread making and through determination as well as an obsession for finding the perfect ingredients, has created an Italian food experience that I think is unparalleled,” Howard Schultz, executive chairman of Starbucks said in a statement. “His passion for authentic food and respect for Milanese culture come through in everything he does, and I think our customers are going to fall in love with Princi.”


The coffee giant is planning to open new Starbucks Reserve Roastery locations around the world and Princi will become the exclusive food offering in each. After Seattle, the next city to follow suit will be Shanghai, with an opening in December of this year. Then, Milan in late 2018. And finally, New York and Chicago following thereafter.

There will be more than 100 menu items available at Seattle’s Princi location— “from flaky cornetti to focaccia sandwiches filled with salame Milano and mozzarella di bufala or crostata fragola” according to the statement.

Will Starbucks begin to offer Princi bakery menu items in its regular stores in the future?

Not sure, but the company has plans to open Princi standalone stores as soon as 2018.

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