Cava is Following Into Panera's Footsteps In Regards To Loyalty Programs

CAVA is planning to use data to form a more intimate dialogue with its customers and build a personalized brand loyalty program, according to “Fast Company.”

The Washington D.C.-based fast casual brand is known for using data to enhance their restaurant design and improving kitchen operations and reducing food-ordering lines, for example. So, it’s no surprise the Mediterranean-style food brand now wants to take it up a notch to better learn about their guests in order to cater to their specific wants and needs.

CAVA will be doing this by tracking patrons orders and offering promotional coupons for menu items each guest favorites.

This type of personalized loyalty program is not something we haven’t heard of before.

We’ve heard of harnessing the power of data in order to measure how often customers come back to visit restaurants and also how Venue Beacons can be used to find out what the demographic profile of your guests is, however, using data to build a personalized loyalty program has long been used by the fast casual mogul Panera through MyPanera Rewards.

Looks like CAVA is playing follow the leader (who can blame them?).

“Just like our line is set up where you can build your meal to your dietary needs and preferences—so you don’t have to conform to our menu, our menu conform to you—we want it to be the same way with our communications with you,” CAVA CEO Brett Schulman told a crowd at a new CAVA location in New York during the Fast Company Innovation Festival, according to “Fast Company.”

The release date for the new loyalty program, which would be accessible through a mobile-based app, will likely be announced sometime next year.

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