Foodable Drops Chef Todd English From Top 100 Social Chefs Guide

Earlier this year, Foodable released its first Top 100 Social Chefs featuring the top-performing U.S. chefs in the digital space. As Foodable gears up to release the anticipated rankings for 2018 in January, a new policy has been implemented.

Foodable is dropping Chef Todd English from its Top 100 Social Chefs ranking due to sexual harassment allegations that arose in November.

This is what Foodable’s editor-in-chief, Paul Barron, had to say on the subject as he detailed the new Foodable policy:

“As we continue to see a terrible trend in the restaurant industry involving bad behavior and sexual harassment by chefs and operators, we, here at Foodable, cannot condone any such actions. Part of our editorial position is to support the restaurant industry, its workers, consumers, operators and suppliers on an equal level with the best respect, content, and research available in the industry. We have decided to make it a policy to remove any accolades for chefs and/or brands that may have issues arise related to sexual harassment.

Additionally, it's time to start rewarding good behavior, and urging people and brands to become better stewards of our industry. There will be hard decisions to come in the future, but rest assured, we, as a media company, will fall on the side of just doing what's right. It's time we get practical, people! And, simply, just use manners and respect for all. We are called the hospitality industry for a reason, and we need to get rid of a few bad actors.”

English, the chef behind The Plaza Hotel’s Food Hall, is being accused by Gabrielle Eubank, a former employee, of sexually harassing her. Other staff members of the establishment are also being accused by Eubank.

It turns out these are not the first sexual harassment claims against English. There is an open lawsuit which had been filed back in August by former and current English employees.

About the Report

The ranking is not handpicked by editors. Each chef’s score is determined by a 300-point system measuring food sentiment, service and engagement. The data for the Top 100 Social Chefs rankings is powered through the industry's largest foodservice- and chef-focused social data analysis platform, the Restaurant Social Media Index, and Foodable Labs.