Is an IPO in Eataly’s Future?

Instagram: @EatalyLA

Instagram: @EatalyLA

The refined Italian marketplace, Eataly, known for offering shoppers an especially unique culinary experience, is apparently planning for an initial public offering in the near future.

This news may come to a surprise to some considering the company reported a net loss in 2016.

However, the Executive Chairman of Eataly Andrea Guerra is anticipating that the company’s revenues will spike by at least 25% after opening three new U.S. stores next year. 

With stores in Italy and the U.S, including in New York City, Chicago, Boston and L.A., Eataly plans to open seven new locations in six countries.

The food emporium has aggressive growth plans for the "next 10 years” and plans to “have a store in every world capital,” according to Guerra. 

Like we said, guests visit the Eataly stores for the experience.

It's more than just a grocery store, with an array of different food stations, Eataly takes social dining and quality product perusing to the next level.

FICO Eataly World   | Instagram: @EatalyChicago

FICO Eataly World| Instagram: @EatalyChicago

Because the company sees the potential in food experiences, Eataly decided to experiment with a new culinary venture and opened the FICO Eataly World earlier this year.

“More farm than theme park, FICO Eataly World is dedicated to sharing the biodiversity of Italian cuisine with the world through its fields, workshops, markets, restaurants, and classrooms, all open to the public and ready for you to explore,” wrote Eataly in a press release.

“From field to fork, FICO Eataly World invites visitors to learn about — and experience! — the behind-the-scenes creation of Italian food and drink. We want you to think about everything you eat, which affects the producers, environment, and beyond. At Eataly, each forkful of pasta has a story: farmers cultivated grains, millers ground flour, pastai (pasta makers) shaped dough, distributors delivered it to Eataly, and our chefs cooked the pasta to perfection and paired it with seasonal sauce before we drop it at your table. (Don't even get us started on the story of the sauce.)”

Will Eataly generate the revenue needed to eventually IPO?