Why You Should Consider Incorporating These Design Trends at Your Restaurant

Restaurant with greenery

Guests aren't only visiting a restaurant because of the food, there so many more elements that impact a diner's culinary experience.

A restaurant's design says a lot about the brand and it's not easy to find that perfect balance between being consistent to the brand, while also keeping the design updated. 

Every year there are new design trends that emerge that could give your space the facelift it needs and can make things much easier for your team.

Let's take a look at some of the design trends that "Architectural Digest" has noticed spread to restaurant dining rooms across the country. 

Hi-tech Smart Lighting

Consider investing in smart lighting that makes "flipping the light switch" more accessible and can help set the mood for guests. 

“Technology will be the biggest influence in lighting in 2018, giving the user ultimate control,” said Anita Summers of the NYC-based The Johnson Studio. “Through remote controls and apps, restaurants will be able to control singular bulbs in any part of the space from switching on or off, dimming, and changing color.”

Greenery as Decor

Plants and vertical gardens improve the decor of a space, while also enhancing a guest's mood. Not to mention, greenery gives guests farm-to-table vibes. 

“There is growing interest in research on the positive health effects of seeing and being around greenery,” said Ray Chung, director of design at The Johnson Studio. “We will likely see more ornamental plants integrated into interior design as an antidote to the machine-made world.”

Think About the Aesthetics for Photography

With social networks like Instagram growing in popularity, every one is a photographer nowadays. Create the best environment to promote photography. Consider the tables, what's on them and the lighting. 

“The trend keeps driving a fresh, light, bright design, focused around plant life and natural materials, mixed with unexpected, ‘personal,’ or vintage elements, perfect for creating an Instagram moment," said Tracey Sawyer and Kajsa Krause of Krause Sawyer, a NYC-based design firm.

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