Foodable's Chef & Foodie Holiday Guide 2018

Ever wondered what to get that die-hard foodie or chef in your life for the holiday season?

Well, wonder no more.

Check out these useful, time-saving and delicious gifts picked by Foodable’s editorial team for that special food-loving person in your life. There's something for everyone and it comes just in time for the joyful season of giving. YAS!


Hedley & Bennet MISE Knife Bag

A lot of thought went into the design of this utility bag. The company created MISE to solve the problems of countless chefs who needed a versatile knife bag that was customizable and could easily be used when traveling from place to place. It’s made out of American leather and the grid system is still pending a patent. You could use it for knives, scissors, tweezers, oyster shuckers or any other medium-sized tool used for cooking. When unzipped and layed flat, you’ll see there are elastic bands sewn in of different sizes. There is also a thin zippable pouch  that can fit other tools that are too small or may need the extra protection.

Cooks knife.jpg

WÜSTHOF's 8" Cook's Knife

The eight-inch Cook’s Knife (4582-7/20) by WÜSTHOF may be the best gift for the devoted cook in your family. You can literally use the knife for anything and everything that involves chopping, mincing, slicing and dicing. This all-purpose kitchen knife has a balanced weight that makes it useful for even cutting thicker vegetables and meats. It’s built from a single piece of an exclusive high-carbon stainless steel. And don’t worry about the handle fading or suffering from discoloration, because it’s made from a very durable synthetic material called Polyoxymethylene (POM). For precision control this essential kitchen knife features a full tang that is triple riveted to the handle. You really can’t go wrong with this knife!


Victorinox 24 Piece Executive Knife Set

Now, if you want to go all out for the culinary professional in your life or are in the market for a home set of kitchen tools, check out the Victorinox 46052 Knife Set. This set has 24 pieces, with a tool for every occasion. This is a good option for those who don’t want to buy expensive knives separately because it provides a variety of high-quality knives that allow any chef or home cook manage daily kitchen operations without a worry. The knife set is equipped with classic and comfortable rosewood handles inside a hard case with a designated place for each tool. Something cool is that the company provides a financing payment plan.

Aqua, iPhone, hands on white.jpeg

Range— Smart Thermometers

Technology is making chef’s lives easier everyday by taking the guesswork out. From smart ovens to calorie tracking apps. Now, thermometers are also further enhanced by technology, helping the cook or home brewer in your family create the perfect meal, beer or dessert. The Range Smart Thermometers come in two versions: one (Ember Range) perfect to measure the temperature on meat proteins and the other (Aqua Range) ideal for beer brewing, candy and cheese making. This tool connects through a tough 4.5 inch silicone cable to a person’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to connect to the app. It provides a calibrated temperature reading and it comes with features that allow the cook or home brewer graph their experiments, save results and share them as a PDF or CSV file. The Range is heat-proof to up to 450 degrees fahrenheit. It is food safe and can be hand-washed.

All Clad.jpg

All-Clad Immersion Blender

We know for a fact every culinary professional and home cook loves a good time-saving, efficient kitchen tool, whether it’s to cut down food-prep time to get other things done in the kitchen or spend more quality time with family. This tool will help people blend, mix, chop or whip up any smoothie, puree, cake batter, fresh mayo and even nuts. It’s the All-Clad Immersion Blender and it boasts a powerful motor with a variable speed control dial. The power can be adjusted and there are turbo and pulse settings for added control. The tool features an extra-long, stainless-steel shaft that measures up to 9 ¼ inches, which can reach into pots and pitchers without a problem. It also has a large blending head that reduces splatter when in use. If purchased separately, accessories like a mini chopper and a whisk are available.


Bamboo Steamer

This Bamboo Steamer will be the new favorite kitchen item of any foodie. It is perfectly designed to be used with a wok. The basket has a 12 inch diameter and is four inches high. Steaming tender vegetables, rise, seafood and dumplings is made simple with this bamboo container. The handmade steamer should sit two to three inches above the water in a wok for a stable fit. It is recommended to line basket with parchment paper to avoid flavors  to steep in the steamer. To properly care for the bamboo basket it’s recommended to hand-wash in warm water without the use of hash chemicals. After completely dried off, it’s important to store the basket in a well ventilated area.

onion googles.jpeg

Onion Goggles

That foodie in your life will appreciate this one. If they cook as much as they like to eat, then they are most likely going to find this gift handy. These Onion Glasses will protect the person doing the onion chopping from the onion vapors that irritate the eye’s lachrymal glands which produce tears. These plastic goggles have a comfortable foam seal that doesn’t allow the chemical irritants known as syn-Propanethial S-oxide. For maximum clarity, the five-inch-wide lenses are anti-fog, however these are to be worn by themselves— not over glasses. These Onion Glasses are one size fits most and they could be the perfect gift for someone who’s overly sensitive onion vapors.



Foodies and chefs alike are usually keen on finding alternatives to ingredients for their recipes. Sometimes to mix things up and add a distinct taste to their plates, other times is for health or diet reasons whether it’s for themselves or the people they enjoy cooking for. Whichever the motive, this product is a good milk alternative for those looking to avoid dairy, soy, gluten and GMO’s. It’s called Milkadamia, a Macadamia-based milk made with the nuts from a family-owned farm near the Eastern coast of Australia in the region where the tree originated. This healthful milk can be added to smoothies, acai bowls, coffee and desserts.

Hot sauce_paste_jam_trio.jpg

Ghost Scream

For those who like to spice things up, try out the sauces from Ghost Scream— made entirely with fresh ingredients and the renowned Ghost Pepper. The product was created by Chef Matthew Sisson and his wife Deandra, combining his culinary background and her design skills for the love of spicy food. Ghost Scream is made in small catches in Orange County, Ca. using fresh California produce. There are three products: Ghost Scream Hot Sauce, which can be used everyday; The Chili Garlic Paste, which is great with proteins, and any food you would like to add a fiery intense flavor; and, The Chili Garlic Jam, which is sweet and spicy and acts as a great glaze on pork, salmon or shrimp among other foods.

Sipp ruby rose.jpg


Looking for good fresh ingredients for your next cocktail party? We know the foodie or chef in your life is. Try Sipp! It offers unique layers of blended fruits and herbs into a sparkling beverage that can leave your party guests feeling refreshed. It’s a versatile beverage that can be enjoyed on its own or mixed in a drink recipe to craft a natural fresh cocktail. The sodas are certified organic by the USDA and offers 88 calories per can: 100 calories per bottle. Flavors include: Zesty Orange, Ginger Blossom, Mojo Berry, Lemon Flower, Ruby Rose, and Summer Pear. You can find these in Target and select retailers nationwide, as well as, through Amazon.

Rufus Teague Sauce Rub Kit.png

Rufus Teague

We all have or know of a BBQ-loving person in our lives. Or, that pit master chef that can also appreciate a good sauce. If so, he or she will enjoy the sauces and rubs offered by Rufus Teague. The quality of ingredients used are top-notch and the brand offers an array of sweet and spicy sauces and rubs fit for any taste. All products are Kosher and gluten-free with no high fructose used. Some of the flavors, include: Honey Sweet, Blazin’ Hot, and Whiskey Maple. Kits and gift boxes are also offered just in time for the holidays.