Eco-Friendly, Single-Serve StackTek Wine Packaging Appeals to Millennials

by Lesley Jacobs Solmonson, Drinks Editor

A recent news story in Beverage Daily discussed how "U.S. wine packaging company StackTek is challenging the wine industry to stop thinking about wine in a traditional 'precious' way with its stackable, break apart single-serve glasses, whose adoption is being driven by young consumers."

StackTek was inspired by the way Millennials approach wine. With the Millennial market topping 70 million people and the Millennial interest in wine, particularly when it is offered through unorthodox methods or seems adventurous. The "glass" ware that StackTek created is made of lightweight, shatterproof, BPA-free plastic that is meant to resemble a stemless wine glass. It is easily brand-able and StackTek is actively courting wine companies, challenging them to think beyond the bottle and box with this new RTD option.

With Millennials being on-the-go, they look for convenience and value. StackTek has taken these desires and packaged four, single-serving plastic glasses that are recyclable. The company has already released stacked iterations of Woodbridge, Xo G, Simi, Mark West, Electric Sky, and Stack Wine. Depending on the brand, the wines can be found at a variety of retailers, including Target, Ralph's, Total Wine & More, and Binny's Beverage Depot. 

Electric Sky and Stack Wine were designed specifically with this packaging in mind to appeal to people who literally want to take their wine with them. In June of 2016, Interscope Records partnered with Electric Sky wine, which is sold only in StackTek units, having been created to cater to the music and festival circuit. The thinking is smart since Millennials now comprise the largest wine-drinking segment in the United States and they are willing to try offbeat products that appeal to their value-oriented, adventurous sensibility.