From Dinner to Data: UberEATS Unveils Analytics Platform 'Restaurant Manager'

It hasn't been a smooth ride for Uber the past couple of weeks, considering the recent sexual harassment allegations tied to the company's name and the latest debacle CEO Travis Kalanick fell into after being caught on camera heatedly arguing with an Uber driver. New York Times' look into how the company "deceives the authorities worldwide" when it comes to following city regulations and Uber's absence at the esteemed interactive media, music, and film SXSW Conference and Festival this year in Austin is nothing to sneeze at, either.

But unlike the not-so-shining headlines its parent company is starring in, UberEATS is delivering something new — and no, not just delicious bites and dishes as a consumer-favorite food delivery app, but UberEATS is delivering delectable bytes of data to its restaurant partners. Say hello to its new analytics platform, Restaurant Manager. 

According to UberEATS, better data leads to better food, which leads to better business. The brand aims to serve up "actionable data" through this web-based dashboard, offering insights on a restaurant's top sales days, most popular dishes, customer sentiment, and other sorts of tracked feedback. While data-driven analyses are nothing new in foodservice, as other services much like Yelp aim to provide these numbers to restaurants, TechCrunch reported that Restaurant Manager has "the potential to improve other aspects...including demand and inventory prediction, and preparation time." 

A post shared by UberEATS (@ubereats) on

A post shared by UberEATS (@ubereats) on

“...UberEATS has a treasure trove of data that can provide valuable insights into consumer spending trends. With their feedback, we cut our prep time 10-15 minutes, which has been a transformational change for our business as we start to get better at making informed decisions and anticipating demand," owner of San Francisco restaurant Co Nam, Trung Nguyen, said. "We are thrilled that our work with UberEATS has led them to build an analytics tool for restaurants like us to continue to improve and grow. Now, UberEATS is nearly 20 percent of our business and we can’t wait to see what is next.” 

Restaurant Manager, which digs into service quality, order flow control, menu management, and exposure, will allow restaurant partners to find specific indicators of their performance in order to make deliberate adjustments.

"There’s more to come — so stay tuned. We’ll continue to improve Restaurant Manager so that all of our restaurant partners have the decision-making data and tools they need to grow on their own terms," Uber stated in a release.

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