Sharing the Story of Food Through New Media and OTT

In the last three-and-a-half years, Foodable has transformed the face of foodservice. Originally launching with the mission to educate and entertain the professionals who are the bloodline of this business — the leaders, chefs, executives, and teams who make the industry pulse with new ideas and fervor — has elevated from a publication and distribution network to more than a new media company: Foodable is on a mission to pave the path for the future of food, combining technology, social media, content, analytics, and digital agency services all the way.

From interactive think-tank events like to cinematic documentaries like "Fast Casual Nation: Changing the Way America Eats," from almost 20 different shows and podcasts breaking down different layers of restaurant and hospitality to guides, reports, articles, and insight centers diving deeper into what makes our sector tick, we're going even further.  

Last year, we integrated Foodable Labs, which offers unparalleled business insights and creative services all through proprietary data. This year, we're moving into OTT, going on-demand to streaming services through Vimeo, Amazon, Netflix, and others.

"On Demand and OTT is just another stepping stone to content distribution. Our best innovation has still yet to become reality — the industry is just not quite there yet," Foodable Founder and CEO Paul Barron said. "But by 2020, we think there will be another major shift in how content makes its way to operators and enthusiasts alike."

Director of New Media Nathan Mikita agrees.

"I think the biggest thing that has arrived in media today is decentralized, or OTT distribution. Today, you don't need a distributor to find your audience. It's the exact opposite. With that, here at Foodable, we have been able to bring trade media to the next level of content and guess what, our audience found us," he said. "This new food enthusiast is hungry. Hungry to learn and hungry for experience. We will continue to bring pro-food content to that audience."

The future of Foodable is still shaping and evolving, but one thing is certain, the story of food is always meant to be shared, and that story, Barron adds, is the most important connection to the industry and that is what will continue to push restaurant innovation forward.