The Main Dish: Updates on Immigration Policy, Choosing the Best Kitchen Equipment, and Other Highlights From This Week

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Why Teamwork Doesn't Always Work (Hint: It Starts With You)

We have preached teamwork so much that the idea of teamwork has become diluted. We have poisoned our own restaurants by talking a good game that on the surface sounds wonderful. What we end up with in reality is far from the uplifting quote floating around the employee bulletin board or mentioned during pre-shift.

7 Tips on Turning Your Side Dishes Into Topline Sales

Side dishes are usually made up of that little thimbleful of coleslaw, french fries, or some sautéed mushrooms. Rejected from their role as actual dishes, the little plop of haphazardly, half-thought roasted potatoes are for stretching a main course — or just to fill white space on a menu. But they’re also a glorious missed opportunity.

Miami Chefs Do What the F**k They Want

Miami is a city with its own flair. Giorgio Rapicavoli said it best, “I don’t think anybody in Miami really cares about being on that level. I mean honestly, I don’t want to be New York. I don’t want to be San Francisco. We are Miami. We made this city, the city made us. And I think a lot of what we do has to do with making the city better.”

Washington Report: Immigrants Make Up 23 Percent of Restaurant Workforce

“...At this time, it feels more important than ever to stand with diverse communities and pledge to protect their liberties, dignities, and freedom[s],” says Della Heiman, who put up a sign at her Wynwood restaurant, Della Test Kitchen, that reads: "Sanctuary Restaurant: A place at the table for everyone."

Choosing the Right Kitchen Equipment (and Making Them Pay for Themselves)

A memorable, profitable, sustainable, and scalable restaurant arguably starts with the correct choice of equipment. When setting up your location, the kitchen and bar planning process can be one of the most exciting, exhausting, confusing, and detrimental aspects that will, in fact, determine the long-term success of your venue.

To Deliver or Not to Deliver? Providing Top-Notch Restaurant Delivery Service

Restaurant delivery has exploded in the market. The popularity of delivery apps and the surge in delivery services come at an interesting time, considering wages, insurance, and overhead in general is rising. The business is so brisk that “virtual” restaurants are sprouting up in this new market, where dining in isn’t even an option.