Where Travelers Like to Eat the Most During a Layover

Today.com recently reported findings from RewardExpert’s 2017 Airport Dining Scorecard, determining the most popular places to eat for the on-the-go airport travelers. Twenty of the busiest airports in the country were ranked with results determined by visitors reviews, data reports, and nutritional research.

The big winners on the list are Root Down and Crú Food & Wine Bar, both of which are located inside the Denver International Airport. Root Down offers hearty American eats of beefy burgers with crispy waffles fries, alongside a vast variety of vegetarian options. Crú Food & Wine Bar major selling point are the 300+ wines to choose from and personal stone fire pizzas that are topped with anything from caramelized onions to gorgonzola cheese.

Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is not only a popular connecting hub for many busy travelers but it’s also a good spot for some decent chow. The airport’s well-known One Flew South is so good, it’s said the Asian-Fusion plates are some of the best in Atlanta.

Other popular eateries that ranked high, include Tortas Frontera at O'Hare International Airport, Sky Canon at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, and Napa Farms Market at San Francisco International Airport. 

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