McDonald’s Plans To Personalize Content to Target Communities

AdExchanger recently reported that McDonald’s is trying to personalize its creative content online to attract more customers on a local scale. The fast food chain is focusing on technology to help with its marketing plan by using “digital command centers.”

McDonald’s Director of Customer Experience & Social Engagement, Paul Matson explained to AdExchanger the issues the company faces with targeting its audience and how it plans to overcome these obstacles.

“The greatest challenge with mass personalization is: How do we keep a human touch without increasing our costs one to one with every single customer? And that’s where technology plays a critical role, and a platform like Sprinklr helps us [automate] a lot of the process. Social gives us the opportunity to still be that global brand, but human.”

There’s a lot of emphasis on localization because many McDonalds located in the US are maintained by “individual franchises” so it's important to provide diverse content directed to each location. 

 “For a recent campaign for the Big Mac, we had the Grand Mac, Mac Junior and our traditional size. We had our national advertising, and then we had a variety of versioning and locally relevant applications of that same campaign. Sprinklr lets us see what’s making waves and generating the most national interest to find opportunities to amplify further.”

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