Bartenders: The Do's And Don'ts With Using Snapchat To Promote Your Craft

According to AdEspresso, there are a lot of people on Snapchat: roughly 100 million on a daily basis. So, as a bartender it might be a good idea to get on the social media platform (if you’re not already there) to show off your craft. 

But there are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to using Snapchat for marketing purposes. While it’s a great way to reach a larger audience, there are some important aspects you should keep in mind.

Here are a few tips on successfully using Snapchat to show off your cocktail craft. 

Do Give A Behind-The-Scenes Look

Allow your follows an exclusive look into your nightly routine. Show them who you are, what you do, while sneaking in some insider-worthy tidbits. Showcase something they wouldn’t normally see if they came to the bar on a busy night. Display a certain unknown bartending talent or give them an exclusive look into how you get ready for a crowd or new cocktail menu. By unfolding your unique story to your followers, you provide a more personal connection. 

If you are headed to a mixology event or an upcoming culinary festival where you’ll be making drinks or mingling with others in the industry, create a story for all to see. Your followers might not have the opportunity to go to an event like this, but can see it through your eyes when you share in online. 

Don’t Over Post

While it can be fun to post (and sometimes relatively addictive), it’s important not to be too obsessive and to keep the posts based on your online personality. “Don’t over post,” says Kristopher Bahamondes, bartender at Rush Lane & Co and The Drake Hotel in Toronto. “Identify what your audience likes and stick to it.”

Do Engage and Teach Your Audience 

Have some downtime before the big rush comes in? Snap a video of you creating one of your signature cocktails, giving your audience some tips and tricks on making the perfect drink. Educate your followers with some valuable information you don’t mind sharing. Engage with those who are watching at home by becoming a useful resource when they want to learn more about the mastery of mixing drinks. 

Don’t Overuse Filters

Filters on other social media sites, including Instagram have some solid options to help enhance your creations. By adding bolder colors, the drinks you make can really pop in a photo. However, Snapchat has many different types of filters that can help enhance the photo but also take plenty away from it, too. Unlike Instagram, filters used in Snapchat make for a fun and sometimes silly photo or video, and don’t always provide that five-star quality you want. So go easy when using them. While you want to be entertaining to your audience, you also want to show off your drinks and skills. So, the less cartoon stickers you use the better.

Do Capture Yourself “In The Moment”

During a busy night, take a moment and share your experience with your followers. Show them how you perform during pressure (with the help of another employee taking the video). This way they can see how customers are treated no matter how big the crowd. Show them how you tackle making the perfect dirty martini in a short amount of time, while prepping for an old fashioned and then some. And if you’re known to be experimental with your drinks, such as using unique ingredients or techniques (think: liquid nitrogen to create smoke), take a video of you preparing that drink on the spot. Here, you're able to present your craft to both your audience in person and online. Showcasing a busy night also helps entice your audience to want to come in and checkout the happening scene for themselves.