Ever Heard of Salad Vending Machines? Farmer's Fridge to Add 200 More

At times, it seems like healthy food is inconvenient and inaccessible, but Farmer's Fridge, headquartered in Chicago, makes it as easy as a swipe of a card and a few taps. You won't find chips and chocolate in their vending machines. (Or fridges, as they call them.) This brand sells salads that satisfy any craving, from kale chicken Caesar to strawberry rhubarb. And now you'll find them in 200 more locations this coming year, as they are expanding into Milwaukee and perhaps other Midwest markets.

The fridges are also tech-savvy. Customers order on touchscreens, which are now able to connect to a new app, allowing guests to access reward deals and review the current stock of their nearest vending machine.

Saunders' vision for making healthy food options more available is continuing to flourish, especially as Danone Ventures and Cleveland Avenue, which was founded by former McDonald's CEO Don Thompson, as well as other investors have committed to his dream. In the last four years, Farmer's Fridge grew to 75 locations throughout Chicago and his team recently added 20 employees, bringing their small, dedicated army to right around 60 people.

"If you had told me four years ago that a former CEO of McDonald's would invest in our business, I wouldn't have believed you," CEO Luke Saunders said to Chicago Tribune.

"We're trying to be scrappy and make it. Because we see that as what matters. Setting the number at 200 (new locations) is ambitious. I think we can do it. But the ultimate goal is to be a successful company." Read More