Tune Into Foodable's Newest Podcast — Front of House: Marketing Tactics From the Pros

You can't solve all your restaurant problems in kitchen or back office alone. To truly succeed in this competitive industry, you need to know how to navigate where the real battleground is — the front of house. Foodable is back with another show launch, this time partnering with the best of the best, Coterie Hospitality, a consulting and innovation company that knows it takes a great business to make another.

Introducing "Front of House: Marketing Tactics From the Pros," where host and marketing specialist Carrie White digs into the real issues guests have with restaurant brands, serves up insights on the real problems operators face, and guides us — with the help of fellow marketing pros — in flipping those challenges into successes. "Front of House" will cover everything from establishing a marketing plan, building brand culture and personality, understanding your guests, and more.

"Creating customers for life," White said, when asked about her hospitality philosophy. "It’s not about the sale, or about the money. It is about how you can create memorable moments for people and give them the reason to choose your hospitality business."

Before becoming a beacon in business development and digital advertising, working with big-name brands such as Johnny Walker and Baileys, White first got her foot in the door behind the bar at popular nightclubs while pursuing her marketing degree. She naturally fell into restaurant service and hospitality, given her interests in the wine industry and international hotels.

"I loved the hospitality industry, I loved the culture, and I loved that my life revolved around making people really happy, having a great time, and bringing people together, essentially at the end of the day.  Cocktails will do that, right?" She said.

From working for Diageo Australia to Pernod Ricard Australia across almost 10 years, her passion for the liquor industry morphed into a love for strategy planning, global portfolio project launching, and diving deeper into business development beyond sales. Eventually, this led to White launching Scoopon into South Australia in 2010 and becoming a leader in online advertising within the online daily deals industry. This ultimately became the driving force for her to found Coterie Hospitality in 2012.

"My eureka moment with Coterie was actually getting pulled through the negative elements that came with the online daily deal industry boom. People were not treating this new strategy with care and sensible business planning, which resulted in people being financially affected," White said. "I had 10 years of business experience behind me, and I knew what needed to be done — hospitality businesses needed a business ‘strategy’ to run their advertising campaigns. ...To date, one of the best decisions I ever made was to take my passion, my purpose to the global hospitality industry with an education model sharing all of my knowledge, and my team’s knowledge to solve these problems, to close the gaps, and facilitate building hospitality careers and success."

Coterie, defined as a group of people who share similar interests, tastes, ideas, and visions coming together, is a fitting name, as White is in the game of building partnerships and communities. This is what White brings to the podcast "Front of House": a worldly view on connecting partners, clients, and customers together. It is what she considers the "ultimate power play in the successful business journey" — to never stop educating yourself or your team.

"I am excited and grateful to be able to share my knowledge and expertise to a wider audience. Being the host of 'Front Of House' is giving me an opportunity to share all of my knowledge and expertise with a much larger audience and make it a lot more fun in the process..." She said. "Partnering with Foodable is a great platform upon which to build familiarity and trust with our audience, while also spreading tips and tricks far and wide."

"Good people will want to see you succeed. ...Surround yourself with the people that actually care about your success and are prepared to help you achieve that!"