The Main Dish: Chipotle's Potential Comeback, Chef-Managed Gardens, and Other Highlights From This Week

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Is Chipotle Heating Things Up With a Real Comeback?

When you're all the way at the top, you have a much harder fall. Chipotle, a brand known to be the face of fast casual, the poster child setting the tone for fresh ingredients at the ultimate convenience, hit the rocks in late 2015 with two words: E.coli. Since then, Chipotle has had a rough road to recovery.

Preparing for Summer: Food, Drinks, Events, and More

It doesn’t matter which region you’re in — the warm summer weather provides restaurateurs the opportunity to develop seasonal flavors, all while providing them the ability to fill their seats (and patios) to drive new revenue channels.

Post-Industrial Themes, Bright Lights, and Other Trending Restaurant Designs

Design matters and — like the septic system — doesn’t get much attention until it stinks. Some looks work and others very clearly lack objective. Trends in restaurant design are as quirky as dining choices, but assuredly share appeal for target audiences.


The Rise of Chef-Managed Gardens: Growing for Flavor

As guests arrive more knowledgeable about produce, the importance of plant-based foods, and a hunger for something especially delicious, kitchens are finding that there is more to sourcing than simply finding the lowest bidder.

New York City Restaurant Openings to Watch Out For

New York City is home to some of the best (and most famous) restaurants around, including Katz's Delicatessen and Lombardi’s to name a few. And this season the dining scene is about to heat up even more. Between new pizza joints and fried chicken spots, New York City has plenty to watch out for in the coming months. 

Tips on Finding Your Next Best Bartender

Finding a bartender might not be hard, but nabbing a quality one might. A good bartender is more than just someone mixing up pretty drinks behind the bar. He needs a personality, work ethic, and a way with his guests.