NRA Show 2017 by the Numbers [Infographic]

A big show is bound to have some big data! Curious to see what story the numbers told at the 2017 NRA Show? By the end of the third day of the event, Foodable Labs analyzed data from more 13,220 show attendees and 92,000 social conversations. Here, we break down the biggest areas of interest and trending topics that had people talking. 

How the Data Works

Foodable Labs spent the last eight years building the largest index of operators and key industry terms, all gleaned from more than 20 social media platforms, to develop not only a reporting tool, but also a predicative model of information for brands, chefs, beverage professionals, and suppliers. It's not just big data — it's big data with context that empowers leaders and decision-makers with valuable knowledge they can use to perfect the strategies for their brands. Foodable Labs analyzes more than 167,000 restaurant and hospitality brands daily and more than 220 million global restaurant consumers engaged in social media across over 500,000 foodservice locations.

Show Demographics

  • Outside of the cluster of unidentified attendees, the largest audience group was made up of chefs and independents.
  • Multi-unit chain brands made up the second largest identified group at NRA Show 2017.

What Trends Had People Talking?

  • The primary focus for chefs this year was an emphasis on new menu ideas around protein. This is good news for vendors or brands that provide alternative or plant-based protein products.
  • Mixologists are seeking new flavor ideas, in response to growing consumer demand for unique experiences.
  • Paperwork processes have steadily switched over to cloud-based inventory. Technology continues to be a trending topic, as more daily tasks become digitized and equipment becomes more streamlined and efficient. Are we getting closer to the era of pizza-making robots?

Top Products and Booths

  • It's no surprise that America's No. 1 selling yogurt brand landed in the top of the list. Attendees claimed to be "blown away" by Chobani's well-designed and engaging booth, and that the brand consistently "has ridiculously good stuff." 
  • And as always, Nathan's Famous hot dogs had a huge line for hungry NRA Show-goers.