Go Nuts Over Fiddyment Farms' All-Natural Pistachios

Health-conscious snackers can rejoice with Fiddyment Farms. This brand boasts more than just "high-quality, great-tasting, and all-natural pistachio nuts" — it's all that with a little extra kick of flavor. From barbecue to jalapeño and mandarin to butter toffee, and even garlic onion and sea salt and pepper, Fiddyment Farms developed a fine, gourmet line.

Since 1968, this brand has been committed to selling the freshest California pistachios on the market and roasts its product in small batches to ensure quality standards. David Fiddyment designed a hulling machine that dries the crop within minutes after harvest. An imperative step, considering that pistachios spoil quickly if not dried soon after picking.

The FDA reported that eating nuts reduces risk of heart disease and a PREDIMED study showed that subjects who ate more than three servings of nuts, such as pistachios, per week had a 39 percent lower mortality risk.

Luckily, Californians aren't the only ones who can enjoy this tasty, guilt-free goodness. Online shipping orders across the United States have one standard flat rate. Fiddyment Farms sells pistachios in-shell, in kernel form, and even as butter and paste. Customers can purchase a gift basket and other specials, as well.