Hottest Food Tech Found in New York City Right Now

New York City is the place to go for food, and it’s not afraid to shy away from getting techy about it. The city boasts some incredible food technology trends that involve anything from gadget-friendly restaurants to helpful at-home delivery systems. 

When it comes to the hottest food tech, New York City does it right. Here are three recent trends in the city happing today. 

3-D Printing

Photo courtesy of Dylan's Candy Bar

Dylan's Candy Bar is always the place to go when you need something sugary, and recently the shop teamed up with the Magic Candy Factory to make it all the more sweeter. Now, guests are able to make their own creations thanks to the 3-D printing that has been installed. Noted as the first of its kind to hit the United States, this high-end technology is a big deal, and not only for kids who want personalized treats, but for those adults who are modern geeks as well. 

Food Delivery and Meal Kits

Everyone knows New York City is known to have some great food delivery systems, but as the years have gone by more start ups have come about, making for plenty of options for New Yorkers to try. Take Hungryroot for example that delivers quality food for the health-conscious in mind. But if you’re looking for boozy drinks delivered at your door, there’s Minibar that provides just that. Local liquor stores deliver what you’re looking for (wine, beer, spirits) within an hour or less so you don’t have to brave the cold or get up off the couch to get tipsy. And there are plenty more, including Farmigo that allows you to order fresh produce you’d find at a farmer’s market without actually getting up early on a Saturday to go buy it. 

Interactive Cafes

Sure, we have seen eateries all over using tablets on the table to make it easier to order your food and get your check. But New York City takes it a bit further with a full-out interactive cafe. Meet Genes@co-op, a cool venue located in Barney’s that has more than a tablet on the dining table. Here you’ll find a massive banquet table with individual touch-screen technology provided at each seat. Guests can order right off the digital screen and nab a server when needed with just a simple touch of a finger - and this large touch screen looks so much cooler than any standard tablet.