NRA Show 2017 Highlights: Part 2

The NRA Show may be over, but innovation and excitement are just beginning. What takeaways did you leave with this year? In our "NRA Show 2017 by the Numbers" infographic, we discovered that of the more than 13,200 attendees who walked the floor, the largest identified group in the audience was made up of chefs and independents at 31.3 percent.

We also learned that of that demographic, 56.7 percent of chefs and independents were keen on discovering new menu ideas around different proteins. And while only 7 percent of attendees were nightclub, bar, and tavern owners and operators, just over 24 percent of mixologists commented on new flavor ideas throughout the event.

And speaking of mixology flavor ideas, what bigger picture are we seeing in beverage trends? To get the inside sip, we sat down with Vaughan Dugan, CEO of ExoLifestyle, Inc., a management firm that develops and operates brands within the retail health and wellness industry, as well as restaurant markets. Dugan was also the founder and CEO if Pizza Fusion, Inc., Florida's first all-natural and organic pizza lounge, as well as partner and owner of Asian gastropub Kapow! Noodle Bar.

How has the craft beverage segment transformed foodservice with its momentum? What are the most popular cocktails and why? And are non-alcoholic craft beverages trending? Watch as we discuss tactics bar owners can use to upsell and how to provide value and wow factor that more and more guests are thirsting for. And if you're craving for even more food for thought, check out our NRA Show coverage by visiting the link below!