Big Tree Farms Organic Coconut Sugar Is Sweet News for Health-Conscious Consumers

Big Tree Farms is rooted in good — and no, not just in taste, but also in social good. With the brand's 14,000 farming partners, Big Tree Farms is on a mission to "sustain the farmers, the land, ancient traditions, and the environment." Founded in the principle of the Indonesian concept "jamu," which focuses on the harmony between body, mind, and spirit, it's no surprise that its products boast pure nutrients.

This includes Big Tree Farms' coconut sugar, which it trademarked as "Nature's Perfect Sweetener." The organic coconut sugar is made from the pure flower blossom nectar of a coconut tree and is an unrefined, high-nutrient, low glycemic sweetener. Basically, a solid substitution for anything that typically uses cane sugar.  

Its taste is likened to a mild brown sugar and can also be used in baking, in your morning coffee, and more. Big Tree Farms, a pioneer into coconut sugar, introduced the first of its kind in 2008 and in 2014 became the first Certified Fair Trade coconut sugar provider. 

"We are the only vertically integrated brand of coconut sugar on the global market, which means we work directly with thousands of family farmers, harvesting the nectar from our own trees, processing the nectar at our own factories, and shipping directly to our customers world-wide," the brand says on its website. "This hands-on oversight allows us to ensure our product’s purity, quality, integrity, and traceability. No other brand can offer the purity assurance, quality, and social responsibility of Big Tree Farms products."