Cup4Cup Cuts Out Gluten But Never On Flavor

Gluten-free products have pretty much become the norm these days. Whether people are looking for a healthier lifestyle or have an allergy to gluten, there are many who steer away from the grains. However, not all gluten-free products taste as good as they should, which doesn’t necessarily get those who eat it excited. 

Cup4Cup has changed all that with products that cut out the gluten without doing away the taste. The company replaces traditional flour with those that don’t contain gluten and still give incredible flavor and results. There are two kinds of flour offered right now: multipurpose and wholesome, bot of which will help create the perfect breads or cakes to your liking. 

And for those at-home cooks and bakers, there are easy-to-use mixes that will help jump start your time in the kitchen. Baking mixes currently offered, include pizza crust, brownies, and pancakes. And Cup4Cup has to be doing something right, winning the 2017 Specialty Food Association’s Sofi award for Best New Product with their pie crust mix.

For tasty gluten-free recipes or to join in the online community, check out the company’s website here.