Laura Chenel's Unique Buchette Cheeses

Photo courtesy of Laura Chenel

Sonoma-based cheese maker, Laura Chenel has been creating artisan cheeses since the 70s, using only the highest quality ingredients, including local milk for the most impressive flavor. “Time, passion, and high standards are our ingredients,” says the company’s website, and it rings true to the finished products. 

Buchette is one of the types of cheeses the company creates on-site, described on the website as a “delicate soft-ripened California original, made in the traditional style of Geotrichum-rinded goat cheese from the Loire Valley.” 

There are two types of buchette, one being ash-rinded (made with vegetable ash for a more muted flavor) and the other is the original (sharper flavor) and kept pure. Both types are aged anywhere from 8-12 days, then wrapped in a film and placed in “small wood cups.” 

The company describes the buchette as the ideal addition to any salad or steak, while also being ideal spread atop a crispy baguette.

A winner of various awards, such as World Cheese Championship 2016 and Good Food Awards 2017, both buchette selections are a must try for any true cheese lover. 

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