Take a Bite Out of Laura Chenel's Marinated Cabecou

Photo courtesy of Laura Chenel

Cheese never goes out of style, especially a soft goat cheese made to perfection. And Sonoma-based cheese maker, Laura Chenel does it right. Dating back to the 70s, this company has been producing artisan cheeses made with goats milk, and mastering the art of European-style deliciousness. “We are committed to the craftsmanship of the highest quality goat cheese, paying tribute to the valued milk of our goats,” says the company’s website.

One of its stand out sellers is the marinated cabecou, made of pasteurized goat milk, local extra virgin olive oil, and various fresh herbs.

The process behind the marinated cabecou consists of drying “disks” of cheese on a rack for up to seven days before placed in herbs, spices, and oils to create a variety of flavors for every palate. The newest addition being aimed at the spicy lovers, consisting of olive oil made with jalapeño and crushed chili peppers.

The marinated cabecou has received plenty of positive feedback over the past few years, taking home awards, such as the gold medal in 2015 at the California State Fair and silver in 2013 and 2014 at the World Cheese Awards UK. The spicy cabecou alone was recently awarded gold at the 2016 California State Fair. 

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