Restaurants Could Be Cutting Down On Menus 

Restaurants cutting down on menus recently reported that many restaurants could be cutting down on menus because of less than stellar sales. 

The recent findings were stemmed from Upserve, a management platform for restaurants, and conclude that fast casual and fine dining establishments offer too many choices on the menu. 

Upserve's vice president of product, Rosie Atkins says a “better menu” doesn’t coincide with a “bigger” menu. The company found food sales at restaurants “come from only 16 percent of menu items.”

Atkins states it’s important to challenge the menu, taking items off it that aren't performing well and see if they are missed. If not, it might be best to omit completely. Akin also explains that if more restaurants “start reviewing the value” of the dishes sold, smaller, simplier menus could arise. 

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