The Main Dish: FDA Delays Menu Labeling, Keeping Employees Happy, and Other Highlights From This Week

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Washington Report: FDA Postpones Menu Labeling Requirement — Again

The seven-year journey to menu labeling is once again hitting another hurdle. Initially proposed in 2010 along with the Affordable Care Act, this federal mandate, which would enforce that all food establishments of 20 locations or more would be required to list calorie information on menu boards and menus, was supposed to take effect this Friday.

Collaborating With Local Chefs and Businesses — Even the Competition

The word “collaboration” stems from the process of two or more people or organizations working together to achieve something that is remarkably outstanding. Giving that some thought, shouldn’t all restaurants and bars alike be working toward achieving this goal and mindset?

5 Ways Servers Can Make More Money and Give Better Service

Always keep in mind that people pay for items, but tip for speed, care, and attention. As minimum wage increases, the repercussion of meal price increases will follow. In return, customers will expect service to match the increase. Expectations will rise for a complete and rememberable dining experience, which can pay off with bigger tips if you stay on top of your game. 


How These Brands Keep Their Employees Happy

Some employees are working at a restaurant while they are pursuing other careers like going to school. Some are in it for the long-haul. Whatever it may be, a restaurant's company culture and what incentives the restaurant offers their staff impacts how they feel about their job. A positive, nurturing restaurant environment where employees feel rewarded keeps them motivated.

Does Foodie Culture Exclude the Working Class?

"Once we listened to the Beatles. Now we eat beetles," George Mason University economics professor and Bloomberg View columnist Tyler Cowen once wrote on the idea of foodie culture. He goes on to say that music's centrality to American culture has been replaced by food.

Is Mixed-Use Space Right for Your Restaurant?

Urban environments are brimming with people opting to live in mixed-use spaces. Apartments and condominiums being purchased and rented, and at a furious pace, are driving more of an urban environment — even in the suburbs. The ability to live above or near some retail or restaurant space is especially attractive to millennials, and they are looking for quality within walking distance.