Impossible Foods Vegan Burger Bleeds Like Real Meat

A burger is the all-American food. There is nothing quite like a meaty patty grilled to perfection on a warm summer day. Well, unless it's a vegan burger made to taste and act like meat without being the real deal.

Sounds impossible but Impossible Foods has made it happen. Back in 2011, a team of farmers and scientists came together to create a vegan burger that tastes like real meat, looks like real meat, even bleeds like real meat. The only thing is, it’s not real meat. 

Meet the Impossible Burger. A patty made from plants but is nothing at all like the normal veggie burger you’re used to. Packed with simple ingredients, including soy protein, coconut oil, and wheat, alongside a compound made of iron called heme, this burger has no animal products in it - but you wouldn't know that from tasting it. 

The company states is a press release that the Impossible Burger “stimulates all five senses” when cooked and eaten, as it’s a “ deliciously meaty masterpiece in a way veggie burgers simply can’t be.”

The very first Impossible Burger came to New York City in 2016, served at Chef David Chang’s Momofuku Nishi. You can now find it in restaurants all over the United States, including Umami Burger in LA. For more information on Impossible Food and its bloody vegan burger, check out the company’s website here.