Now Opened: Amazon’s Drive-Up Grocery Stores Hit Seattle

Amazon does not just have an online presence anymore. The mega shopping site recently opened two drive-up grocery stores in Seattle, giving customers the opportunity to order online and pick up at their leisure.

TheVerge says the two stores are named, AmazonFresh Pickup and cater to the Amazon Prime members. Here’s what else we found out. 

What is AmazonFresh Pickup?

AmazonFresh Pickup allows its customers to order groceries online at home or on-the-go and later pick it up at a physical location, thus doing away with those inconvenient shipping fees and long wait times. 

To use this service you must be an active Amazon Prime member. After placing your order online, you will then have the option of where (choose which location is closest to you) and when you’d like to pick up your merchandise within a two-hour time frame. When your order is ready to be retrieved, you will be alerted with a message on your phone or computer. 

Do You Need to Part of AmazonFresh Grocery?

No, you do not need to be a member of Amazon’s online grocery service in order to use AmazonFresh Pickup. As long as you are a Prime subscriber you can use the new service. However, it’s said that those with the grocery service membership can get their orders faster. These customers have the option of picking up their items 15 minutes after they place them online. 

What to Expect on Your First Visit?

The Seattle Times reports when you head over to AmazonFresh Pickup for the first time to retrieve your groceries, you’ll meet with a concierge. From there your name with be entered into the system along with your license plate number. Once this information is collected, you’ll be able to hit up the pickup site in the future and have your plate scanned to help notify the Amazon employee who you are, making for speedy service.

Amazon’s Competition 

And apparently Amazon isn’t the only one offering this type of service either. TheVerge also states that Walmart is trying something similar to AmazonFresh Pickup with their own “self-pick up service.” In Oklahoma City, customers can shop for groceries online and pick them up at an outdoor kiosk at one of the local stores. Instead of working with an actual person, customers “enters a five-digit pickup code” and receive their groceries from a machine that is “similar to a vending machine.” There is no monthly fee for the service, but customers need to spend $30 or more to use it. Currently, there are over 600 local Walmart stores using this service and the company wants to keep expanding.