The Main Dish: Restaurant Curb Appeal, Top 25 Restaurants, and Other Highlights

In the age of information overload, refinement is key. That was the thought behind The Main Dish — a quick compilation of the most bookmark-worthy links from the Foodable WebTV Network. Aside from our usual daily content, every Sunday, The Main Dish will serve a fresh batch of handpicked pieces of the most appetizing lists & literature that you may have missed.


"The Academy Awards of Foodservice" – The IFMA Gold & Silver Plate Awards 2017

As the Oscars are for the film industry and as the James Beard Awards are for culinary, the Gold & Silver Plate Awards are the academy awards of foodservice. The celebration, which honors the nation's most prestigious operator talent, is hosted by IFMA every year in Chicago.

Restaurant Curb Appeal – How to Start your Guest's Dining Experience Off on the Right Foot

Outside of social media, word-of-mouth, and online directories– how else does a potential guest notice a restaurant? A store’s outside appearance. Not every restaurant is going to be a hidden gem within the community. As always, one must thoroughly think about the message that’s intended to be delivered. With proper planning and thought processes, the exterior will help make a memorable, first impression.

Supply Chain Optimization and Best Practices

The International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA) created the Supply Chain Optimization Committee (SCO). Stemming from best practices developed by IFMA, the Supply Chain Optimization Committee is a way for chain operators, manufacturers, and distributors to collaborate and share the challenges they are facing, the solutions they have come up with– as well as data they have analyzed. 

Consumer Planning Program: How to Better Understand Your Customer 

The Consumer Planning Program, also known as CPP, was a collaboration between IFMA and Datassential to dive deeper into the consumer mindset and find out why consumers pick a food-service venue, how those decisions are made and what manufacturers (and operators) can do to influence those decisions.

Foodable Labs Announces The Top 25 Restaurant Brands Mid-Year Update

In today’s digital age everything moves at such a rapid pace that it’s easy to fall behind. On top of that, the restaurant industry has always been especially competitive. New innovative concepts are popping up every day. This keeps the established chains on their toes.  Foodable Labs publishes a variety of top brands reports throughout the year. This is our mid-year review based on our five metrics over the first five months of the year.  

Tech Apps That Make an Operator's Job Easier

The National Restaurant Association Show showcases the top technologies for the foodservice industry at their annual NRA Show in Chicago. Bill Bender, Foodable’s resident operations expert and show host, scoured the aisles to find some tech companies that are really changing the game. Watch the video above to learn about them!