Foodable Network Partners With Specialty Food Association

Photo courtesty of Specialty Food Association

The Foodable Network recently partnered with the Specialty Food Association, a trade organization for members and the producer of the Summer Fancy Food Show, a massive trade event geared toward the specialty food industry professionals and the largest of its kind in North America.

“The Specialty Food Association is steadfast in our commitment to the success of those who bring the emotional experience of specialty foods to the consumer,” states the company’s website. It offers a community for innovators in the field to make connections, find support, showcase their skills, and reach out to the public.  

Photo courtesy of Specialty Food Association

The new partnership will allow Foodable to set and produce an exciting media stage to help feature a wide range of innovations at the upcoming Fancy Food Show this summer. Foodable and Specialty Foods Association have also partnered to provide special video episodes, called SFATV LIVE, which will help reach a larger audience. 

The upcoming content will include the The Supermarket Guru® Phil Lempert, a leading expert on special food in grocery with over 25 years of experience. An author, report, Consumerologist, and expert in food marketing Phil Lempert has plenty to offer the specialty food industry and will be an essential asset to the audience looking to learn more.

The goals of the Foodable and Specialty Food Association partnership are plentiful, one being to help members gain access to Foodable's massive operator and food enthusiast audience. The collaboration will also create video content that will establish Specialty Food Association within the foodservice sector, along with constructing ongoing stories about the specialty food sectors in a variety of content programs over the year. In turn, this will help promote the innovation in the marketplace of specialty food.

Photo courtesy of Specialty Food Association

Phil Kafarakis, president of Specialty Food Association sat down with Paul Barron, CEO and Editor in Chief of Foodable Network in a recent video segment to chat about the new partnership. 

“We’re really excited because we able now to extend our media platform beyond our SFA magazine and all the content we do on our SFA community and as we start to expand and bring the community at large we’re looking forward to Foodable Network as a media platform that is unique and exciting.” said Phil Kafarakis.

During the segment, Kafarakis discusses the food service industry, specialty foods, and the consumers need to know where the products they buy come from. He also talks about the upcoming trade show in New York City at the Javits Center (which has been sold out for the last ten years) displaying some of the top artisans and food entrepreneurs.

Paul Barron shares Kafarakis' enthusiasm about the partnership and the upcoming trade show.

“Being a content partner with Specialty Foods Association and the Fancy Food Show opens up a whole new sector in our content plan on and within our highly successful Apple News APP and iTunes. Bringing video storytelling and the power of Foodable Labs to the specialty food sector is very important with so many entrepreneurs and innovations we believe Foodable is the perfect place to get that story told,” said Paul Barron.

Foodable Labs™ has begun indexing both innovators and consumer of specialty food within its industry leading social media index, this will become a great tool for new trends, consumer insights and competitive analysis stage Barron.  This will become the new go to place for specialty food trends.