Ten Must-Try Creative Potato Sides

Photo courtesy of the Idaho Potato Commission

Potatoes have been the go-to side for many meals, especially major steakhouses. The traditional sides that include baked, mashed, or fried are always solid sellers with customers but every now and then it’s good to change things up. 

Today’s potato sides are even more delectable, infusing creativity to the fullest and making guests salivating in the process. We chatted with the Idaho Potato Commission about their takes on creative potato sides these days, and found out there are more than we could have imagined. Here are ten delicious recipes the organization shared. 

Manchego Hash Browns

Photo courtesy of the Idaho Potato Commission

Hash browns are a staple when it comes to pairing them with your eggs for breakfast, but they are a popular side item for just about anytime. And these has hash browns kick it up a notch, wowing the palate with manchego and cheddar for an extra cheesy experience. Made with potatoes, cream of chicken soup, and garlic powder, these crispy babies are perfect with a dollop of sour cream with fresh scallions.  

Confit Fingerling Potatoes

Another traditional delight are fingerling potatoes which are perfect for any chicken or meat dish on the menu. Amp up the usual with this modern take, made with a rich homemade cream consisting of crème fraiche, green onion, chives, and tarragon for a taste no one will won’t forget. 

Potato Kohlarabi Gratin

Who doesn’t love a potatoes au gratin with their meal? Between the cheese and crispy crust, this side dish is a must. And to make it even better, use this recipe made of green kohlrabi, heavy cream, and parmesan for a decadent pairing for any hearty meal. 

Lobster Mashed Potatoes

Photo courtesy of the Idaho Potato Commission

Many places tend to serve lobster mac and cheese as an over-indulgent side (or even a well-deserved entree) but not everyone is taking to account how mashed potatoes work just as well as macaroni - if not better. Serve Maine lobster atop the garlicky potatoes and drizzle it with salted butter to make things right.  

Saffron and Quinoa Cake

Quinoa is all the rage these days, being featured on menus all over. This tasty potato cake incorporates the popular plant with saffron, yogurt, and basil leaves for a favorable ethnic-inspired bite that pairs perfectly with fish. 

Brined Potatoes With Beef Fat

Crispy brined potatoes are a no-brainer when it comes to a favorable side on the menu, but why not take it to another level? Test out this recipe featuring rosemary, fennel seeds, red pepper, and aged beef fat to give these golden potatoes that extra flavor.

Truffled Potato Risotto

You can’t go wrong with truffle and incorporating it with your potatoes will surely be a crowd pleaser. This unique risotto is made with truffle butter and topped with fresh arugula and parmesan to make it one intense side worthy of its own entree.  

Peruvian Potato Cakes

Photo courtesy of the Idaho Potato Commission

Not only do these potato cakes taste great, but they look incredibly pleasing on the plate as well. Made with purple potatoes, the contrast from the breaded golden brown exterior makes for an eye-catching experience that should be savored. 

Ripped Potatoes

Serving a pork chop or leg of lamb? These tasty potatoes are the side kick worthy of a tender piece of meat. Simple but plentiful, these potatoes are made with oil, butter, and parsley then served with grated parmesan for the right amount of cheesy flavor. 

Millionaire's Potato

This lavish dish infuses truffle to the fullest. Made with a variety of cheeses and fresh chives, the recipe calls for not only truffle oil but truffle paste to amplify the tastebuds of your guests. There’s also the option of adding freshly shaved black truffle for the finishing touch - perfect for those who can't get enough truffle.