The Cocktails NYC Chefs Are Drinking This Summer

Cooking can really work up an appetite - and well, a thirst. And who better to understand that than professional chefs cooking in the kitchen?

We spoke to a few New York City chefs about what they're sipping on during the summer months and when they have some time off to relax.

Chef Greg Rubin at American Cut Tribeca

Photo courtesy of America Cut

“On a hot summer day, my go-to spot is the beer garden in Astoria where I like to enjoy a few ice cold Hefeweizens or out on the beach in the Rockaway's drinking a mezcal margarita with my feet in the sand. My favorite refreshing summer drink at American Cut is the ReTox (pictured), very light, refreshing and not sweet. It’s (made with) Hendrick’s Gin, Lillet Blanc, cucumber, basil, and pineapple."

Chef Chad Brauze from Bevy 

“My wife Ashley, executive pastry chef at Café Boulud, has been making a watermelon tequila slushy every summer since we've been together. We blend frozen watermelon into the perfect consistency, add ginger for a refreshing note with just enough spicy burn to make it interesting. Then we use Libélula tequila, our current favorite. Once June hits with the first 90 degree day, we keep everything ready to go in the bottom drawer of our freezer.”

Executive Chef Alex Pilas of Eataly NYC Downtown

"During the summer I like to drink a Jameson neat or a cold bottle of Coors Light. I like these for the same reason I only cook with Kosher salt: I always know what I'm getting and love the consistency. Plus, I don't have the patience to wait for a five minute cocktail prepared by a mixologist. My favorite place to get it from is Daddy-O on Bedford St. (and their bathrooms are really clean!).”

Chef Tim Cushman at o ya, Hojoko, & Covina

"In the summer, I love to create my own beer combo by mixing Aeronaut Brewery in Somerville, MA's Hop Hop & Away (IPA), and Maine Beer Company's MO; a half and half combo. It creates the flavor I like in an IPA which is a hoppy, bitter grapefruit citrus flavor with a floral-ness to it." 

Chef Harold Moore from Harold's Meat + Three

"My summer go-to is red wine with ripe peaches inside. If we've eaten all the peaches, you can't go wrong with a vodka pink lemonade. Or both! To pair, some of my grilling go-tos are barbecue steamed clams or grilled scallops with lemon and sea salt."

Chef/Partner Albert Di Meglio at Barano

"I'm a whiskey kind of guy so I love to sip a Manhattan when grilling. To mix things up in the warmer weather, I'll grill a few fresh cherries until charred and add to the mix. I might not like be most people but a Manhattan, grilled cherries, and some duck slow roasting on a grill rendering a crispy skin kinda sings to me."