Tock: A More User-Friendly Dinner Reservation App

According to there is a new restaurant reservation app making for unique dining. The latest is called Tock and the company says it aims to provide the ultimate dining experience. 

“We did not build Tock for standard chain restaurants just trying to fill seats and help diners find a table,” said Tock's Director of Marketing Kyle Welter on “We focus on partnering with restaurants who care about offering unique guest dining experiences. This is why we use the verbiage ‘reserve your experience.’”

Tock is very user-friendly. says guests can personalize their experience before they even get to the restaurant by using the app to let the staff know about special requests or food allergies. Once the guests arrive, the table will be ready with the bottle of wine they requested or the vegan-friendly menu options they asked about. 

And like OpenTable, there’s also the option of prepaying for the meal, leaving the check at the end a thing of the past. 

Restaurants are benefiting fro this app, too. Tock has been able to cut down significantly on guests not showing up for their table. How? It charges those who use it a “small deposit” which is an incentive to make the reservation. 

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