Watch Out Blue Apron, Amazon Meal Kits Are Already Here

Meal kit packaging | Amazon

Meal kit packaging | Amazon

Amazon's recent announcement that it would be acquiring Whole Foods isn't the only move by the tech company making Blue Apron nervous.

It turns out that meal kits on Amazon Fresh already exist and there were 17 different recipes available earlier this week. However, Amazon pulled the listing on Tuesday morning.

The meal kits are priced from $16-20 for two and some of the current options include Tacos al Pastor with Pork, Roasted Cod with Cannellini Bean Ragout & Pesto, Veggie Burger with Harissa Aioli and Smoked Eggplant, and the Steak Au Poivre with Parmesan Fries and Snap Peas.

Amazon said that meal kit has a “easy-to-follow, chef-designed recipe” that “includes perfectly portioned fresh ingredients.”

"GeekWire" was the first to report the story. The tech website interviewed a 34-year-old in Seattle who tried the kit after it showed up in his search results on Amazon Fresh about a week ago. 

“The steak was an 8-oz. serving packaged by Corfini and was at least of USDA choice quality,” said Josh Chadd to GeekWire. “It was not an odd or awkward cut which is often the case with other services. The peas were very fresh with no blotches and tasted very sweet. The onion came pre-diced. It also came with fresh green peppercorns which I’ve never seen in another service even with a similarly named recipe. Overall the finished meal was a 9 out of 10 for any meal I’ve made at home even with my own ingredients.”

Meal kit contents | Amazon

Meal kit contents | Amazon

Chad also said it took him about 30 minutes to make and that he didn't have to subscribe. 

Apparently Amazon has been secretly testing the service, with the slogan "we do the prep. You be the chef," since June according to the reviews. Amazon's kits in partnership with Tyson have been available since last year. 

Earlier this month, news broke that Amazon filed a patent to develop a "prepared food kits." Amazon has not responded with more information about an upcoming meal kit rollout. 

Amazon has a tremendous customer base, but its grocery delivery service, Amazon Fresh is not available everywhere yet. But will Amazon eventually emerge as the frontrunner in the meal kit industry?

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