From Seed to Rind, Watermelon Transcends Summer Menus

In this episode of Table 42, we meet Co-Founder of At Your Service Hospitality Group, Evan Rosenberg, and Executive Chef Brad Warner at their new restaurant Shay and Ivy in New York City. We are exploring watermelon as it has become a year-round ingredient for many restaurants and their chefs. Executive Chef Warner is experienced with progressive American fare that pulls influences from all over the world to create truly approachable global flavor dishes at Shay and Ivy, and his culinary creations showcased in this episode are no different. Want to know more? Watch the episode above!

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 4.04.03 PM.png

Fire On The Horizon.  Inspired by classic cocktails, the Paloma and the Rubio, this beautiful cocktail has a spicy kick but luckily, as our Table 42 host, Paul Barron, says, "the watermelon saves you."

Grain salad with grilled watermelon and toasted watermelon seeds.  

Smoked spare ribs with watermelon rind chutney.

Shay and Ivy is part of the At Your Service Hospitality Group; the group that brought Atwood Kitchen and Bar Room to New York City.  Walking up to the restaurant,  the first thing you notice is their patio (which is massive for New York City street dining) with excellent separation from the street (also rare.) When you enter, you see the cocktail bar complemented with a raw oyster bar.  It feels personal and comfortable.  

The staff is friendly and personable. A perfect place for a sit-down or quick cocktail.  Shay and Ivy is designed as an intimate, multi-use space for lunch, dinner, happy-hours, and events.  As you walk back through the space, (past the custom-made neon sign that is cursed, I'm told, because every couple weeks someone seems to break it) the restaurant opens up to reveal the main dining area.  A perfectly lit intimate dining space for friends, family, or a date; it all works.

The last section is in the back of the restaurant (again, very unusual for New York.) They call it: The Garden Room.  Sky-lit with eye-catching custom lighting, this space is designed for private events, lunch business meetings or even just a quick stop in with your computer to get some work done.  

There is nothing pretentious about Shay and Ivy.  You can have a burger and beer as quickly as you can have a Butter Poached Lobster Tail and a Temper Tantrum (that's a cocktail).  And that's the point, Shay and Ivy is your neighborhood one stop for everything New York City and beyond.