The Pizza Players: Who is Winning the New Age Pizza Wars

Photo courtesy of MOD Pizza

Times are constantly changing - and so is the dining scene - but one thing that continues to stay is America’s love for pizza. No matter what popular new food trends or must-try culinary treat, pizza still remains on top, satisfying hungry customers no matter who they are. 

And there are a lot of pizza places to choose from. Guests have their choice of local mom and pop shops to big-name chains for their thin crust or deep dish fill. So with such a large selection out there, we thought it would be a good idea to see who the winners really are. 

Thanks to our Foodable Labs’ data, we’re able to track the hottest pizza spots to learn which ones are beating out their competition. The top dogs are determined by an overall score of each brand based on a total of 500. Each score consists of five tracking categories: sentiment, influence, engagement, location-based actions, and mobile engagement. 

Here are the top five key players that are currently winning in the ongoing pizza wars.

#1 MOD Pizza - Score: 476.10

Photo courtesy of MOD PIzza

Originally from Seattle, this fast casual pizza chain has exploded all over the nation (and the United Kingdom) since it opened back in 2008. Leading the pact in our Foodable Labs’ data, MOD Pizza aims to please its customers with “individual artisan-style pizzas” for a decent price. Customers can even pick and choose which gourmet toppings they want without worrying about an extra charge - big bonus points there. 

Another major win for the pizza giant? It’s speedy service, which it ensures each and every time. All the orders are made “within minutes” so it’s ready to be enjoyed either in-house or picked up to take home. 

Lastly, MOD Pizza is known to use incredibly fresh ingredients to make the pies people love. The company’s website states: “From hand-pressing our dough daily, to roasting our own vegetables, to banning the bad stuff – we’ve made it a priority to keep our food true. We’re also mindful of animal ethics, environmental impact, and working with food partners that share our commitment to quality.”

#2 Pizzeria Locale - Score: 444.73

Photo courtesy of Pizzeria Locale

Coming in not far behind, is the pizza spot known to whip up pies as good as those from Italy. Pizzeria Locale is all about being authentic, starting with the “simple” ingredients down to the oven that cooks its pizza in only two minutes flat. 

Starting as a full-service concept merely eleven years ago, the company has evolved into a “quick-serve” pizzeria that still offers the gourmet pies but in quicker time and in a more casual environment. Guests have the option of red or white pizzas, along with also making their own and of course, opting for dessert - the Nutella pizza is a must. 

#3 Blaze Pizza - Score: 434.13

Photo courtesy of Blaze Pizza

It all started in Pasadena, California (2011) where this pizza chain made it’s debut. After that, Blaze Pizza quickly took off (and is now found throughout the country) thanks to its “exceptional quality at lightning fast speed.” 

The company’s website states all of its dough is “fresh and “made-from-scratch” paired with “healthful, artisanal ingredients” that allows any type of pie to be creative, from “inventive to classic.” The end result is “perfectly crisp perfection” and personalized to the customer’s liking.

And if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions, Blaze takes that into consideration, providing you with the right option for your needs. 

#4Pitfire Artisan Pizza - Score: 431.48

Photo courtesy of Pitfire Artisan Pizza

A California-based superstar when it comes to pizza, this chain has been offering its eaters delicious handcrafted Italian picks and pies for years - and is still going strong. So what’s the secret? Pitfire Artisan Pizza uses a “ancient wood-fired kiln lined with stone” along with fresh ingredients to create some of the best gourmet pizza around. 

The brand offers an abundance of choices, including traditional staples like Margherita and pepperoni, but also signature specials that rotate seasonally. Customers have the option of chowing down on anything from Heirloom Tomato Pizza with ricotta and basil, to the BTLA topped with bacon and avocado. 

#5 Mellow Mushroom - Score: 431.26

Photo courtesy of Mellow Mushroom

This restaurant chain has been around since the 70s and still kicking it with its signature “stone baked pizzas” made “to-order.” Here, you have the option to order a signature pie, such as the Great White topped with four different cheeses or to create your own, adding the toppings you want. Of course, Mellow Mushroom isn’t only known for its pizza, as it has monster hoagies and burgers to choose from as well. 

And each restaurant is decked out in funky, art-filled walls that entice customers to stick around after they ordered. Every location offers something different from the next, making it a real treat to enter and fun for the entire family.