How are Consumer Eating Habits Evolving?

Have you noticed a shift in consumer eating habits? And how diners' eating routines have changed?

The Hartman Group has released a report and info-graphic with data outlining how Americans' eating habits have evolved over the last few years.

"The dynamics of food culture and changing demographics in the U.S. heavily influence consumers’ shopping and eating behaviors. Marketers who focus only on 'trip type' or 'need state' analysis are missing the raw and true motivations that drive consumer shopping behavior. Eating occasions emerge from the way consumers live and are what give meaning and context to the way they shop," according to the Hartman's Eating Occasions Compass. 

Info-graphic courtesy of The Hartman Group

Info-graphic courtesy of The Hartman Group

In The Hartman Group's report, it reveals that diners are not sticking to their routines. Apparently, 8 in 10 consumers are breaking away from their normal eating routine. Specifically, 17% do this "frequently" and 63% do it "occasionally."

So what is causing consumers to break away from their routines?

"Fundamental shifts in technology, travel and trade have placed food at the center of everyday life and popular culture. Food is fun and important. This shift toward deeper interest and participation in food culture is a true cultural shift – and is at the heart of why consumers break away from their regular eating routine," writes the Hartman Group. 

And the meals that foodies break from their routines the most? 41% shift their daily eating routines for dinner and 31% for a snack. 

Millennials, in particular, are big snackers. 

"Millennials are snacking more often during the dayparts when pleasure and experiential needs can override health and wellness concerns. Millennials, more than Boomers, snack in the afternoon (46% vs. 35%) and the late evening (35% vs. 26%). Millennials show more interest in eclectic meals that represent “what I feel like tonight," writes the Hartman Group.

That's why grab-and-go concepts are becoming millennial favorites. 

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