The Main Dish: Using Chatbots as a Marketing Tool, Fast Casual Leaders Give Tips, and Other Highlights

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Chatbots: Revolutionizing Marketing Technology

Offering quality customer service is a "must" in any hospitality business, but sometimes it can be difficult to provide a customized experience for every potential guest. Enter the chatbot. While many may shy away from using bots in their business, in this episode Carrie explains how bots can improve the customer service experience– while also still maintaining that human touch. 

How Successful Restaurant Leaders Bend Time to Accomplish More

Do you see time as your friend or your arch enemy out to destroy you? The answer to this question is quite revealing and it is one you might want to explore. You will never learn how to bend time to your will unless, you learn to respect time for what it is. A valuable asset. 

The Dark Side of Digital

We are seeing more of the dark side of digital emerge and internet villains like hackers are only becoming shiftier. Just this year, we have seen more restaurant brands fall victim to cyber hacks more than ever. Let’s take a closer look at some of the restaurant chains that had cyber security attacks and how they dealt with the mini PR nightmares that ensued after.


Fast Casual Insiders Share Their Brand Identity and Future Goals

In this episode of On Foodable Weekly, Foodable host Paul Barron sits down with the founders and CEOs of three of the 12 fast-casual brands thriving in the industry. These brands have been able to sustain themselves through a significant downturn (5.4%) for the category. So we find out what they are doing differently to remain successful.

5 Qualities you Need to Succeed in the Restaurant Industry

There will be times when the world seems against you and it depends on who you are that makes a difference between having a successful business and well, not having a business at all. Here are 5 qualities that you need to succeed in the restaurant industry. 

Tips to Maximize Profits, Improve Customer Turnover Rates, Control Costs, and Effectively Live in the Moment

There are arguably four key ingredients to a successful restaurant– the right marketing plan, flawless operating systems, memorable customer experiences, and finally, living in the moment. Ask yourself this right now– have you taken full advantage of cost control and revenue generation during the past day, past hour, and past minute?