The Main Dish: Whole Foods Drops Prices, the Best Bread In the Country and Other Highlights

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The Role of Bread In An Elevated Dining Experience

Ahh, bread. As a guest in a fine dining restaurant, either you love it or... you don’t understand it! Has anyone ever advised to not eat too much bread, because it can ruin your appetite? Or, maybe you had that one friend who would refrain from eating the warm doughy loaf in hopes of maintaining or improve their figure. These mixed attitudes towards bread have left the ancient food with a negative reputation. To restore that reputation, the rise of the "bread program” movement highlights the significant role of bread in an elevated dining experience. “It’s incredibly important,” said Chef Marc Forgione, whose restaurant serves an elevated version of the classic potato roll, brushed with clarified butter and sprinkled with black salt.

Coolhaus: How a Beat-Up Ice Cream Truck Turned into a Multimillion Dollar Brand

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. It’s safe to say that Ice cream continues to be a fan favorite and is here to stay. While ice cream chains like Baskin-Robbins and Carvel often are nostalgic to ice cream lovers, today’s foodies are gravitating to other innovative concepts. But consumers aren’t only looking for creative ice cream flavors, they are looking for something different. Enter Coolhaus, a brand that started when the co-founders Natasha Case and Freya Estreller started selling ice cream sandwiches at the Coachella music festival from a beat-up van. While the brand still operates food trucks in LA, Dallas and NYC, there are now two brick-and-mortar stores in California.

7 Ways You Can Increase Your Brand's Social Responsibility

Giving back to the communities we serve is not a mandated practice, but is rather something extra that restaurants, and businesses alike, can do to improve their local and national communities. This is also known as— social responsibility. This practice can not only increase employee engagement, but also develops a positive perception of your brand, increases revenue opportunities, and increases the possibility of local media coverage. What restaurant wouldn’t want that? 

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So, What Do We Call Whole Foods Now? Affordable? Inc. slashed prices at Whole Foods Market stores on Monday, with some items seeing cuts up to 43 percent. Items like organic Fuji apples and organic rotisserie chicken were accompanied by orange signs showing the old price, the new price, and text reading “More to come...” In total, over 400 items have seen price cuts. According to "Bloomberg," prices on whole trade organic bananas fell 30 percent, responsibly farmed tilapia fell 33 percent, and organic Fuji apples fell 43 percent. Since Amazon won the antitrust approval by the FTC last week, the e-commerce giant has made some big announcements about both of the the companies’ futures. Learn more by watching this week's episode of On Foodable Weekly: Industry Pulse!

A Fundamental Shift In Consumer Expectations Leads to a New Restaurant Segment

As consumers continue to demand more transparency and more healthy options, what is the future of foodservice? Today, something is fundamentally changing in our industry.  In this episode of On Foodable Weekly, we sit with Scott Davis, President of CoreLife and Steve Schulze, Co-founder of Nekter Juice Bar to talk about how the consumer is enforcing their values with their dollar and the industry is reacting.  The customer has created a whole new segment that we call, future brands. These restaurants are more focused on lifestyle and offer more than just a meal. For example, CoreLife is focused on providing fitness classes like yoga, and lifestyle content. 

Zuuk Mediterranean Brings Bold Flavorful Bowls Paired with Addicting Made-in-House Dips to Brickell

The team that brought My Ceviche, a south American fusion seafood-focused fast casual concept with six stores in the Miami area, decided to introduce a new fast casual to the Miami market. Enter Zuuk Mediterranean. The first store in Brickell opened in April and serves Mediterranean-inspired items. This style of food appeals to today’s diners (millennials, in particular) because it offers an array of flavorful healthy choices.