Here’s Why Chili’s is Cutting its Menu Down by 40%

It’s no secret that casual dining chains are struggling in today’s market. In order to survive with the fast casual brands and the elevated casual dining chains, staples in the casual dining segment are being forced to adapt. 

Whether it’s with a massive rebranding or with a menu overhaul, these are all strategies to keep guests in seats.

Chili’s has already completed a rebrand, but it’s uppin’ the ante with a menu revamp. The chain announced in late September that it will be cutting down its menu by 40%.

Its current menu features 125 appetizers, entrees, desserts and more– but it will be trimmed down to 75 items

The new menu will be focusing on its most popular items like its burgers, ribs, and fajitas.

“Over the years, like many bar and grill chains, Chili’s chased consumer trends, expanded the menu and tried to be all things to all guests, therefore compromising execution and resulting in a fuzzy food reputation,” said Chili’s in a recent statement.

The brand plans to put even more of an emphasis on food quality by streamlining its menu offerings. 

Last year, Chili’s launched a campaign with a focus on fresh food and quality ingredients. 

“We know now more than ever, guests want to know what’s going into their food and desire natural ingredients,” said Krista Gibson, chief marketing officer for Chili’s Grill & Bar in a press release. “We have differentiated our craft burgers with quality and transparent ingredients by offering grass-fed patties and cage-free eggs. As we continue our food transparency journey, we plan to invest in our core menu categories to offer guests more options.” 

Instead of focusing on a few offerings that they can make exceptional, several casual dining brands have oversized menus and serve an average food product. 

By limiting its menu, Chili’s can focus on items that the restaurant is known for. Ultimately, this will elevate meals for Chili’s guests. 

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