Amazon Will Absorb 25 Percent of Restaurant Visits by 2020

  • Amazon Prime has the highest Foodable Labs Sentiment compared to any consumer based product. 

  • The restaurant industry is predicted to see a 25% hit as Amazon moves into the food space. 

In today's fast-paced and highly competitive business environment, there are those brands, services, and concepts that recognize what's next and then there are the brands that are left catching up.

Plugged In brings you exclusive analysis of the most influential disruptors of the foodservice industry utilizing data from Foodable Labs™, the largest and most reliable destination for business insights, to reveal who is "plugged in" and who is missing that spark that drives business forward.

Join Foodable Network's CEO and editor-in-chief Paul Barron, the man who predicted the proliferation of fast casual as the next big thing in the restaurant business, for insider information on what's next in food and business.

On the first episode of Plugged In, we kick off with one of the biggest shakeups the foodservice industry has seen in decades: Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods Market.

Amazon, of course, has changed retail forever— consumers now checking Amazon before they run out to the nearest Walmart or specialty store.  They have proliferated delivery with Amazon Prime Now delivering directly to your door within a few hours of ordering.  Food is the next frontier and if their track record proves correct, there will be a shift in how consumers get their food.

Watch the entire episode to learn about Amazon's master plan as they bring their online behemoth to the foodservice industry.