The French's Food Company Releases New Crunchy Vegetable Products

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For operators looking to add a crunch or a spice to simple menu items like salads, sandwiches, soups, The French’s Food Company recently announced new products that could serve as a tasty companion to any dish.

According to Food Newsfeed, “each product enables operators to build new excitement and increase the margins of existing menu items without adding operational complexity.”

French’s Crispy Vegetables come in three different varieties: crispy fried onions, crispy jalapeños, and potato sticks.

French’s Potato Sticks have been very popular for a longtime now, but now the brand is expanding its offerings to include a spicy option with its French’s Crispy Jalapeños, made with the real vegetable to add an authentic Latin flavor to tacos, salads, sandwiches or even pizza.

Fried in naturally trans-fat-free oil, the French’s Crispy Fried Onions are made with whole yellow onions sourced specifically to create this crunchy product.

According to The French’s Food Company’s website “Fresh onions are immediately fried after cutting to maintain natural sweetness and pungency. A rich blend of ingredients creates our special batter. We use trans–fat–free oil to fry our onions, which results in a longer shelf life than other similar products that use sunflower or safflower.”

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