Airbnb Partners With Restaurant Reservation Company to Challenge Open Table

Another innovator in the food space, believe it or not, is now— Airbnb.

Last year, Foodable reported on how the company that revolutionized the hospitality industry announced to expand its scope with their ‘Experiences’ feature by allowing guests to “book tours, dance scenes, and outdoor activities.”

Airbnb revealed last year its partnership with reservation startup Resy to figure out a way to facilitate restaurant guest bookings for their traveling customers during their trips.

Well, it's now official, their idea came to fruition earlier this month when the $31 billion travel planning company announced it will now offer restaurant reservations from within its app to help travelers find the best restaurants in the cities they are visiting.

"This is a major traveler pain point,” said Joe Zadeh, Airbnb’s director of Trips to Forbes. “Most people know the restaurants in their own city, but when they travel throughout the world they don’t know what are the best restaurants to eat at."

Offering a curated restaurant list is the main differentiator between Airbnb and Resy’s service in comparison to OpenTable and other restaurant reservation apps.

"I’ve never thought that the answer in terms of discovering cities and discovering restaurants is to put all of the restaurants in one place. The answer is to put the best restaurants in one place," said Ben Leventhal, CEO of Resy to Forbes. "If you look at the Resy app, you’re never going to see more than a fraction of a couple hundred restaurants versus an OpenTable or a Yelp where you’ll see thousands and thousands."

Currently, this new restaurant booking feature will only be available for customers traveling in the US.

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