Forget Food Delivery, Booze Delivery is Already a Thing. Find Out What Casual Dining Brand is Testing it.

Most restaurant brands have jumped on the food delivery bandwagon. It’s especially convenient for those on-the-go guests who can’t have a time-consuming dining experience.

But what about those guests who want a convenient cocktail or boozy beverage to enjoy with their meal? 

Well, margarita lovers it’s time to rejoice! 

TGI Fridays announced last week that the brand is partnering with the service Lash to test a cocktail delivery program.

The casual dining chain, own for its innovative drink menu, will be testing the service in the Houston and Dallas area first before rolling it out to the masses next year.

Fridays’ executives see this as the next logical step for the chain. 

"We're a bar-centric business," said Caroline Masullo, TGI Fridays' vice president of digital strategy, to “Business Insider.” "Right now, no one — from within their own technology — is delivering both food and alcohol." 

Fridays started offering online ordering last summer and now take-out accounts for 30% of sales. The only problem is that these sales don’t include bar purchases. 

The chain’s dining in visits by adults often include alcoholic beverages. So the brand is trying to determine a way to continue to increase its beverage revenue, while offering the convenience of delivery.

However, delivering alcoholic beverages is an entirely different animal than food delivery.

Not only do the chains have to follow local ordinances, they have to overcome the logistical challenges. The delivery person has to go to the TGI Fridays restaurant location, along with a liquor store.

This means that customers won’t likely get their meal and cocktail in a timely manner.

Not to mention, the cocktails won’t be arriving ready-to-drink. If the customer does order a boozy offering, they will receive an “everything but the booze” kit and will have to mix the drink themselves. With that challenge in mind, the chain is considering offering a rent a bartender option through the app.

Do you think that this is a smart move by the chain? Or is it too much of logistical nightmare for TGI Fridays?

Since the drinks won’t be delivered ready-to-drink, will guests find that it’s more of hassle than a convenience?

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