Amazon’s Next Venture Isn't Wine.. Yet

Screenshot of the Amazon Wine marketplace

Screenshot of the Amazon Wine marketplace

Amazon made headlines after its acquisition of Whole Foods a few weeks ago. Soon after, there were reports that the tech company wasn’t only entering the food business, but also the wine industry.

Wine was speculated to be Amazon’s next venture after the wine labeled “Next” by Oregon’s King Estate Winery released a press release alluding to a partnership with Amazon. The brand said it was the “first wine ever developed from conception to release with Amazon Wine.”

Reports quickly came out that the tech company was investing in its own-label of wine.

Amazon was quick to shut this down. The company told "TechCrunch" that Next wines were not developed in partnership or in collaboration with Amazon.

“Next is not owned nor developed by Amazon,” said Amazon to "TechCrunch.“The wine is owned and developed by King Estate it and can be purchased on Amazon Wine. Amazon’s role is to give wineries, like King Estate, an innovative format to launch new brands and reach more customers.”

This may not be true for now, but Amazon has several own-label brands with products like batteries, nutritional supplements, clothing, baby wipes, and more. 

Next wine was the first wine to be sold on Amazon Wine and so far, Next wine isn't available for purchase at other retail stores. 

The wine launched on the marketplace on June 28th and it has an affordable price with $20 Pinot Gris, $30 red blend, and $40 Pinot Noir.

There are other brands on there for under $10. 

So is Amazon Wine the future of the wine industry? 

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