Are You Maximizing Your Beverage Program?

On this episode of On Foodable Weekly, Foodable Network's CEO and Host, Paul Barron, sits with restaurant owner and bar expert Vaughan Dugan to discuss the ever shifting beverage segment. 

Craft beer, craft soda, and craft cocktails have all become hot topics in the beverage business. 

"It's really kind of exploded over the last several years; bar owners obviously see the opportunity to kind of elevate and enhance their business model," says Dugan.  

Craft means transparency and higher quality to most people.  Beverage programs are now held to a higher standard, much like food service.

Whisky from Japan!

Non-U.S. spirit brands in high demand, may not be a new trend in American cocktail rooms, but it is certainly going strong.  We have seen Japanese whiskey become the talk of the town. Why?

According to Dugan, "As more of the consumers learn more and more about this resurgence of booze, in general, they're getting more intelligent... When you hear about a Japanese whiskey basically beating out all the born and bred in the good ol’ USA, it opens up everybody’s eyes...Like there's this whole other world out there!"

Watch the episode to find out more about Japanese whiskey and other topics like margins and staffing best practices in the beverage business!