Breakfast All Day: How Eggs Can Make your Menu More Irresistible

The versatility of eggs makes the ever-growing trend of eating eggs all day an easily executable concept.

Millennials want breakfast hours to be extended and many concepts are catering to this. Brunch has become a significant source of revenue for a variety of establishment styles, and it is no longer reserved for weekends.

So will your kitchen to stick with traditional breakfast hours or adjust to allow your guests to eat eggs all day?

Put an Egg on It

The option to add a fried egg to burgers and sandwiches is somewhat expected now, as craft menus and burgers continue to have a strong presence in the marketplace.

Offering eggs all day looks different, depending on the establishment. Some find it important to cut breakfast offerings as soon as the breakfast cooks clock out, while others make everyone learn what breakfast on the line feels and tastes like.

What fits your menu and kitchen will have to be determined, but there are options that allow eggs to shine in untraditional ways. There is a resurgence of sandwiches like the Croque Madam, where a fried egg already crowns as an delicious menu item. So, explore the menu and create your own “brunch” version.

While guests are looking for nutrient-dense items in the morning, what that looks like mid-morning, and at other hours during the day may be different. Bold flavors are increasingly accepted during breakfast hours, and certainly accepted by the brunch crowd.

Menu items like fried chicken and egg biscuits or sandwiches are selling quite well, especially when executed perfectly. Bowls with eggs in or on top of them are also such a popular item that even big player QSRs got in on the game. Explore your existing menu and see where a fried or poached egg can bring the “brunch” crossover to the table.

Provide an Egg Adventure

Guests, especially the Millennial market, are looking for something different and are willing to try new things.

Challenge them and execute new egg dishes well to enjoy return business and positive word of mouth. Poached eggs are amazing, but perhaps there is room to offer a 63-degree egg in some applications. The delicate white and oozing yolk lends itself to menu items like salads, noodles, and fatty, roasted meats– as well as slow-mo video. There is a reason the hashtag #yolkporn has nearly 200,000 posts. When plates arrive at a table with a sexy version of an egg, consumers can’t help but to document. A post on social is a form of free and organic advertising.

Why not consider different applications of the cherished yolk when planning to serve eggs all day, while also considering preserving some yolks. A salt or sugar and salt mixture paired with the preserved yolk after a few days will yield something very familiar, yet mind blowingly different.

The umami and burst of flavor a grated, cured egg yolk can simultaneously brighten a dish and take the flavor to new levels. A cured egg can be mixed into mayonnaise, into sauces, shaved onto a brunch pizza with some simple greens, or added to a roasted vegetable dish – just to name a few ideas.

Look for top quality eggs. To turn heads and score even more points, look for a rich, orange yolk. Duck egg yolks are just begging to be preserved, and the mention on the menu will score you some bonus “craft” points.

Establishments that offer even a rudimentary pickling program can extend their use of eggs by pickling their perfect, six or eight minute eggs. The key here is to start with perfect, hard-boiled eggs and watch the brine solution so you don’t end up with leathery whites.

Pickled eggs worked into existing menu items can bring some interest and some serious flavor. By design, pickled eggs can be made with any kind of brine that best matches the application.

Want to add some spice? Add habaneros to the brine. Want a pop of color? Add some beets to the mix. Step up that tired, deviled-egg game and pickle them first! Topping burgers with them, adding slices to salads, and accompanying a Bloody Mary cocktail is just the beginning.

Keep in mind, the size of a quail egg may be tedious to hard-boil and pickle, but a few hours of prep one day every week will yield an adorable, flavorful treat that guests simply won’t expect.

Consider it riding the coattails of the large players if you must, but guests are seriously craving eggs all day. Use the momentum to move your menu ahead, and be the egg pioneer. What other dishes on your menu can benefit from this craveable, perfect food?