Fire Dept. Coffee: Coffee with a Cause

Let’s face it, consumers can’t get enough of coffee. But, coffee lovers today have a much more sophisticated palate when it comes to their beloved caffeinated beverage selection. With that in mind, artisanal and gourmet coffee brands are on the rise (and shine.)

Fire Dept. Coffee is a newly launched brand with more than just a mission to bring easy-to-drink, yet strong coffee to working class Americans. The company donates a portion of its sales to military and firefighter charities and all military and first responders get 15% off every order.

“Fire Dept. Coffee believes in the bonds created between people when sharing the mutual responsibility of selfless service to Nation and Community," said Mark Williams, co-founder of Fire Dept. Coffee and combat vet turned firefighter in a press release. "The bonds created by service members and firefighters is unique, strong and loyal. Our brand looks to foster similar relationships with customers, business partners and employees. FDC will always put our team before lesser objectives like profits and numbers."

While helping the community and those who serve the country is a big part of their mission, so is providing quality coffee.

Each batch of coffee is roasted to order. So far, there are five different Fire Dept. Coffee roasts. Original is the brand’s medium roast. Dark Roast is packed with a strong coffee flavor. And for those looking for an extra kick in their morning brew, the company also offers three different spirit-infused roasts with rum, tequila and bourbon.

Learn more about these fiery roasts here.